Boyer Mill History

Norske Skog’s Boyer Mill in Tasmania has been continuously operating for 76 years (Feb 1941 – 2016). During this time the mill has produced over 12 million tonnes of Newsprint.

The Boyer Mill was the inaugural Newsprint manufacturer in Australia and was for the most part owned by the publishers, Herald and Weekly Times (later News Ltd) and the Fairfax group. In 1997 the Company re-named from Australian Newsprint Mills (ANM) to Fletcher Challenge Paper. Then in July 2000, Norske Skog purchased Fletcher Challenge Paper worldwide.

Boyer has been a major industry player in Tasmania for almost a 1/3 of the state’s history since European settlement and has a long record of continuous improvement, on a sustainable business platform.

Growth Years

From 1941 to 1985 Boyer grew from a single paper machine mill adding two more paper machines and expanded the pulping operations. Calcium Carbonate (CCS) and Thermo Mechanical Pulp (TMP) pulps developed at Boyer.

Reinvestment Period

By 1985 the Boyer Mill had become uncompetitive from a cost, quality, customer and social licence perspective. Reinvestment was needed, and an intensive period of development followed from 1985 – 1995.

By 1995, some $250m had transformed the operation.

The reinvestment continued with the following projects:

Capital Works