Your Vantage

You have to love a home advantage and that’s what Norske Skog can deliver with Vantage LWC.

Shorter shipping times, less opportunity for delays, less opportunity for damage, less capital tied up, less risk, greater flexibility, greater predictability and …

The occasional production miracle to manage the unexpected

Local People… Vantage LWC offers Australian and New Zealand printers a tangible edge in winning and retaining sales for their businesses.

There is a lot to be said for knowing who is in charge and there is no substitute for looking people in the eye to form solid and long-lasting business partnerships.

The success of Vantage LWC is completely tied to the success of our Australian and New Zealand customers; they are our one and only priority.

The paper is important, but so are the people. With Norske Skog you get access to a technical team already based in many locations around Australia and New Zealand. We can have someone in your site within 24 hours for any issue any time. The team at the Boyer mill are accessible, direct contact is encouraged and Mill visits are welcomed. Our sales and order processing team is based in Sydney and never more than a phone call away. Decisions can be made on the same day an enquiry is received.

Global Expertise… Vantage LWC is a 100% Australian made product backed by the expertise of Norske Skog’s global resources.

LWC production at Boyer combines a high technology investment at our Boyer Mill with state of the art equipment backed by the global resources of a company that has been producing LWC paper in Europe for over 50 years.

The end result is local access to a cutting edge, world class product.

It’s a simple proposition; the best product; the closest mill; and decisions made solely on satisfying the needs of Australian and New Zealand customers.

But wait there’s more…

Norske Skog is continually working to understand better the end markets for our products. For vantage we continue to invest in consumer behaviour based market research to improve our understanding of the single biggest end use for Vantage LWC – the retail catalogue!

On our behalf BDA Marketing Planning, our strategic market planning partner, maintain a large scale ongoing consumer retail survey which measures the effectiveness of various media, including catalogues, as a means of influencing consumer buying decisions. The data that is coming from this analysis supports, overwhelmingly, the proposition that printed catalogues are the most effective means of influencing a consumer decision about where to shop. The following chart is just one example of the outputs possible from the research database, and this database is continuing to grow as we are continuing the survey on a monthly basis. A more detailed report on the effectiveness of catalogues is available here to download. The data can also be analysed down to a particular retail segment as well as individual retailers and their competitors.